nuvi 265W-265WT Review

Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Traffic

The Garmin nuvi 265WT (the “W” within the number denotes a 4.3-inch widescreen and the "T" means with traffic) is slim and compact, which makes it possible to tuck the device down into a pocket or handbag while not using it.

In contrast to its predecessors of 200 series, this particular model has free real-time traffic updates by Navteq (for the life of the unit) including Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile phone. Text-to-Speech feature, allows you get turn-by-turn spoken directions with the real names of streets.

Additional important enhancements in the 2x5 series includes a predictive technique which provides faster satellite lock, a redesigned display screen with even more information, terrain roadmaps, as well as an exciting new photo navigation feature. The nuvi 265wT includes preloaded City Navigator NT street maps designed for all of North America, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, including a large POIs database with hotels, restaurants, fuel, Automatic teller machines, school areas and safety cameras which are personalized.

Just touch the screen to type in a destination, and nuvi 265w will take you there with 2D or 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice directions. Garmin gets its map data from NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium quality mapping.

The Garmin 265WT contains helpful travel tools like a JPEG image viewer, universe travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and much more. The 265WT also offers a wide 4.3-inch (diagonal) screen which shows 70% more of the road around you. Equipped with a SD card slot, you can add photos, voyage guides and extra maps to the device.

The built-in GTM traffic receiver provides information about upcoming traffic congestion, road construction, and tie-ups which might lie ahead on your way, with no additional equipment needed. In most places, the alerts are continual and all that's necessary to view the information is a couple of touches of the display's icons. Lifetime coverage is included with purchase, so as long as you own your device, the Nuvi 265WT's traffic alerts and broadcasts are totally free.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery within the 265WT will operate the navigator for up to 4 hours without being connected to an electrical power source, permitting you to take it along with you when you leave the car.

With Garmin's new HotFix feature, the Nuvi 265WT remembers the position of all satellites it was tracking once you turned it off, and calculates their particular movements so to predict where they should be the next time you switch it on. This gives the navigator an idea of where it should look for satellites, and greatly reduces the time it takes for your Garmin to get its position and launch navigating. HotFix can predict satellite positions for up to 3 days after the device had been last turned off.

All Garmin nuvi navigators support configurable vehicle icons. These fun, customized car-shaped icons come in a superb variety of models to add a personal touch to your vehicle's position on the map.

Garmin’s Nuvi 265WT is without doubt one of the cheapest in its range of free-traffic-equipped navigation systems, below the 7-series, that has more features, still above the ordinary Nuvi 265T, which has a smaller 3.5-inch screen. We found that this combination of cost, features, and Garmin’s typical quality makes it one of the best values around today.

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